December 13, 2018

When You Feel Not Enough \\ thoughts on comparison and worthiness

Dear One,

You’ve been trying to prove your worth to the world. Since you’ve been young, the world has said you’re not attractive enough, smart enough, popular enough, thin enough, big enough, talented enough, strong enough, outgoing enough, simply not enough. And since then, you set out to prove the world wrong, to prove your worthiness. You’ve been so hard on yourself, never fully becoming who you think you should be. And when you do make progress, it’s still never enough; you’re still not good enough.

Enough is enough. You are you, and that is exactly how you’re supposed to be. There is no measurement to who you are, or a certain amount you need to become or are too much of. You’re worth cannot be measured or judged by someone else or even yourself. You are beyond compare.

You’re not supposed to be her. You’re not supposed to be him. God made you to be exactly you. You were created for a reason. And when you compare yourself to that person, you’re wasting your gift, your life. Comparison is a distraction from your calling.

So burn the yardsticks. You’re worth cannot be measured. You are worthy because you’re here, and you’re breathing, and you’re a child of God. You’re exactly who you were created to be: imperfect yet perfectly yourself.

And when you finally realize just how valuable you are, how you were born into time for a purpose, that being fully yourself is all you need to be, you can rest. Rest in the fact that nothing you do or don’t do determines your worth. You are worthy; you are lovable as you are. When you not only know this in your mind, but in your heart, you are able to finally and truly love others as you love yourself.

We are all walking and breathing gifts to each other. Open up, see the beauty in yourself, fall in love with your quirks, the way you laugh, your face, your broken yet courageous heart, and walk through life as if there will never be another you.

With Love,



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