January 24, 2016

Best of Weddings 2015

What a year! 2015 was filled with so many beautiful surprises and changes for me!

We started the year out by moving to my dream location: the sea! My husband and I live about 5 minutes from the sea in Lewes, Delaware. I’ve always wanted to live by the beach, and I never thought in a million years this dream would come to pass sooner than later. But I know that God can fast forward things for us, and He is always going above and beyond my wildest imagination.

And just when I thought my one dream for the year had already come true, the longing in my heart for a child was also met. Through the miracle of IVF, months of fertility drugs and treatments and appointments, we conceived our daughter Sophia in July. I’ll be sharing more about my IVF journey in the near future, but as I look back on this year, I can’t believe I got through fertility treatments and conceiving a baby with shooting 25 weddings and almost the same amount of engagement sessions. It was truly a miracle.

But here I am, at the start of a new year and feeling so very grateful for 2015. It was a year of planting seeds and so much change and growth. I feel as though I’ve found my true style of photography, as well as found more of myself. And although I don’t yet know all of what 2016 will hold for me, I do know I will be holding my baby girl in my arms; I know it will be a year of nurturing her and my sweet beautiful business, and continuing to love on the people God brings into my life.

I want to thank all of my 2015 bride and grooms for being so absolutely wonderful! Each of you inspire me and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to document your love, and to be welcomed into your lives. We made some beautiful art and memories together that will never go away. I also want to thank you for caring about me, not just as your photographer, but as your friend. So many of you have been my greatest cheerleaders and I’m forever grateful. So with this blog post, I honor and thank you. Your friendship is a gift to my soul. May you all continue walking in love and I pray blessings over each and every one of you.

So here are a few of my favorites from one of my most favorite years…

2016-01-23_0001 2016-01-23_00022016-01-23_00032016-01-23_00042016-01-23_00052016-01-23_0006View More: http://dyannajoyphotography.pass.us/jamie-and-andrew-wedding2016-01-23_00092016-01-24_00212016-01-23_00082016-01-23_00102016-01-23_00122016-01-23_00132016-01-23_00382016-01-24_00272016-01-23_00152016-01-23_0016 2016-01-23_00182016-01-23_00192016-01-24_00222016-01-23_00202016-01-23_00142016-01-24_00232016-01-24_00172016-01-24_00182016-01-23_00242016-01-23_00252016-01-24_00242016-01-24_00292016-01-23_00262016-01-23_00272016-01-23_00302016-01-23_00312016-01-23_00322016-01-23_00332016-01-24_00252016-01-24_00262016-01-23_0034View More: http://dyannajoyphotography.pass.us/jamie-and-andrew-wedding2016-01-23_00352016-01-23_00362016-01-23_00392016-01-23_00402016-01-23_00212016-01-23_00412016-01-23_00222016-01-23_00232016-01-23_00472016-01-23_00482016-01-23_00522016-01-23_00532016-01-23_00542016-01-23_00552016-01-24_00192016-01-24_00022016-01-24_00012016-01-23_00502016-01-23_00372016-01-24_00042016-01-24_00052016-01-24_00302016-01-24_00062016-01-24_00092016-01-24_00082016-01-23_00462016-01-24_00072016-01-24_00312016-01-24_00152016-01-24_00142016-01-24_0020View More: http://dyannajoyphotography.pass.us/jamie-and-andrew-wedding2016-01-24_00342016-01-24_0028


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