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Dear One, You’ve been trying to prove your worth to the world. Since you’ve been young, the world has said you’re not attractive enough, smart enough, popular enough, thin enough, big enough, talented enough, strong enough, outgoing enough, simply not enough. And since then, you set out to prove the world wrong, to prove your […]

Every day they are growing and changing, right before our eyes. That’s why these family photographs taken by the talented Stacey Lynn Photography, are everything to me. They are frozen in time, so that I can go back to these moments, these ages, and remember; remember the softness of their skin, how they smile with […]

I’ve always been an Oprah fan and I used read her magazine each month.  My favorite part of the magazine was on the last page, which she would call “What I Know for Sure.” She would share a snippet of truth from her heart and it always inspired me. I wanted to do my own […]