A Letter to the Tired

Dear Precious One,

I see you. I can see your tired eyes and feel your anxious and desperate heart. I know life can be overwhelming, especially right now. This world pulls at you, calls you names, rushes you, screams at you; it can simply hurt you. And just when you thought it was done, it can completely exhaust you.

And all you want is a little rest, a little reassurance that everything will be okay; to close your eyes for just a second, to feel something, to be seen, to be loved, to not feel alone. To let your tender and wild heart feel safe enough out in the open; to get some fresh air; to breathe deep.

And you think, maybe tomorrow will get easier. Maybe next year I’ll finally have a break. But it doesn’t, it actually gets harder, busier, heavier. And people disappoint you, life unsettles you, and the world keeps moving so fast; if only you could keep up. And you just want to let it all go, to quit, to leave; but you don’t, you just hold it in, holding onto a small seed of hope that things will change.

But oh my glorious one, there is so much more than this. You see, you were never made for this world. You were made for far greater things. If you only knew even a portion of how much you are loved and adored. If you only knew the amount of beauty, radiance, and abundance that lies within you. If you only knew that life truly begins when you lay it down; when you surrender all of the dirt and pain that the world shovels on you. You were never meant to carry it; you were made to be free, to soar on the wings of eagles, to run and not grow weary, to walk and not be faint. You were made for a garden, for cool walks in the evening, for love.

So let me love you. Let me into that exhausted and heavy heart. And I will hold you in my warm embrace, and I’ll keep holding you as long as you want me to. If you get up soon after to do something else that needs to be done, I will still be here, waiting, to let you vent, to let you just be yourself. You see, I made a promise that I will never leave you, and I stick to my promises. I am always here with you, and you are never alone. I am a good Father, and in me you can find rest from this weary world. Put your hope, your trust in me, and I will renew your strength. You’ve been carrying around too many heavy things; no wonder you are tired and worn down. It’s time to let me carry them for you. Lay them down, let me in. Let me ease your pain, heal your heart, and move your mountains. I’m always here, loving you.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” ~Matthew 11:28


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